Swot analysis of kerala medical tourism

University of California Press, In service sector the concept of Medical Tourism is catching up at lightning speed across the world. In addition, private healthcare facilities in Malaysia are also driven to attain international accreditation.

Rana, Attacks on women rattle travelers to India, http: In fact, the support for medical tourism has become unnoticeable in the recent years, perhaps due to potentially conflicting goals of trade and health policies that may spark controversial public opinions [16].

Naturopathy is based on the fundamental principles of airbed. Kerala has come up with new destinations and innovative products like tree houses, Ayurvedic Rejuvenation and houseboats. This product is highlighted in all road shows and trade meets. The rising role of medical travel facilitators and second home retirement tourism in Asia further support the surge of cross-border healthcare services demand [36, 37].

Manage, 25 3, 2. From the Charaka Samhita B.

Kerala Tourism SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

The state could identify the exports towards countries like China, Russia, Malaysia and Scandinavian Countries and can give tax holidays for countries that increase the exports over the years.

The Indian Systems of Medicine also has become a valid reason for them especially in preventive cure and alternative medicines. Almost 80, additional beds are still required.

A Strategic Perspective Of Kerala Tourism

The growth of global medical tourism in the recent years had spurred the interest of many governments to join in the bandwagon, particularly from Asia. The Tourism Authority of Thailand TAT is also currently promoting Thai healthcare services actively by creating worldwide awareness through e-marketing and media campaigns [4].

The uniqueness of India is its ability to offer holistic medical services such as unani, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and homeopathic treatments [4, 26]. In Kerala had 3. It can also help the business to compare their products, services, marketing tools and promotional decisions nresult, While the definition of medical tourism is frequently contested by scholars and medical tourism enthusiasts, Musa et al.

The movement of these services further accelerates the trade liberalisation in health services [1]. But traditional medicine was ignored when western medical knowledge and procedures were introduced into the country.

Who are the competitors.

Kerala Ayurveda Ltd (530163) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

Singapore medical tourism is recovering, http:. Health Tourism in India - A SWOT Analysis Vandna Maini cwiextraction.com University, Chandigarh Email:[email protected] factors that are favourable and unfavourable to health tourism in India and to strengthen further the Medical tourism is a recent trend in Indian tourism.

Kerala Ayurveda Ltd is a healthcare service provider that offers ayurvedic products and services. SWOT Analysis of Meriiboy Icecreams. Submitted by, Arun B Generally this is a region with people have high or considerable disposable income.

All major and famous hotels of Kerala like Sagar and Paragon are located in the Calicut region. well-established medical tourism market, whereas South Korea represents an emerging market.

SWOT is a proven method of conducting a situation analysis using internal strengths and weaknesses, along with external opportunities and threats.

accessibility in order to assess actionable tourism opportunities SWOT analysis for demand,connectivity,marketing and tourism assets have been described in the report. proportion of Goa to Kerala tourists significantly increased- from. Using the SWOT analytical model, this paper provides pertinent comparative analysis of the medical tourism destinations here being Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and India.

Swot analysis of kerala medical tourism
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